Jio 4G handset is virtually free for users; what’s the game plan?

This handset could rattle older rivals, but experts are sceptical about mass conversions for Jio


Indian Companies News : In a move that may rattle its older rivals, already destabilised by some of the disruptive plans and freebies offered by it in the past months, Mukesh Ambani-backed Reliance Jio on Friday unveiled its ultra-low-cost 4G feature phone.

However, the success of the new Reliance Jio mobile phone would be pegged on 2G phone customers doubling their present monthly bill on mobile services.

For that to happen, the country’s average revenue per user (Arpu) – currently at Rs 80 for feature phone users and pegged at around Rs 104 overall – will have to go up substantially.

To enable that, Jio is offering users an attractive preposition – unlimited calls (earlier the feature phone users had only limited call time), as well as unlimited data with a cap of 0.5 GB per day (earlier they had no or minimal data usage) on a Rs 153 pack. Also, Jio is offering applications that include videos as well as live TV and YouTube, which will only help customers move to higher data usage and, thereby, larger packs.

In fact, the company has also ensured that customers will not have to pay for the new handset at all if they commit to Jio for the long haul. Reliance Jio is offering the device at a deposit of Rs 1,500, which will be paid pack after three years. While this helps the company garner a huge amount of money upfront, the effective cost for the customer is only the notional interest that he would forgo on an amount of Rs 1,500, which is negligible of course.

Unlike in the case of the earlier Monsoon Hungama plan (phone bundled with services at Rs 501) offered in 2003 by the erstwhile Reliance Infocomm (now Reliance Communications), there will be no risk of the customer running away with the phone this time. The user will remain sticky for at least three years, as not only is the device locked to Jio, but he also needs to continue using Jio for availing of money back. Read more


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