For the first time presidential election is being contested on ideology: Meira Kumar

After the Bihar elections, the issue of tolerance is coming up in Presidential elections as well. UPA presidential candidate, Meira Kumar raised the issue in Jaipur on Tuesday and said that since the past some time it seems that we are being governed by people whose ideology does not have tolerance.


On reaching Jaipur for the election campaign on Tuesday, Meira Kumar in an interaction with the media at the state Congress headquarters said that the Presidential electionheld so far in the country have happened between two people, but for the first time elections are being held between two ideologies.


On the question of voting equation being in favour of NDA candidate, Meira said that for the first time 17 parties have decided to contest the election together on an ideology. This is a wonderful event that can make its place in history. “I have written to the MLAs and MPs of all the parties and urged them to vote according to their conscience,” she said.


On the issue of accepting support from Lalu Yadav despite allegations on him, Meira Kumar said, “W are not seeking support from individuals. We are seeking support on the basis of ideology.” On meeting Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar again and asking for support she said, “I have written to all the members of electoral college asking for support, now those who support will have to think.”


Regarding making the Presidential elections a Dalit versus Dalit issue, Meira said that it is sad that we are talking of caste even in the 21st Century.


Meanwhile MLA of Deeg Kummher, Vishvendra Singh, Bagidaura MLA Mahendrajit Singh Malviya and Bari MLA Giriraj Singh Malinga did not attend the meeting. Independent MLA Fatehpur, Nand Kishore Mahiriya too was not present.


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