Presidential Election 2017: National ideologies in danger, says Meira Kumar

Claimed that polls may stop danger that is lurking against country’s ‘principles and the ideologies’

The contest for the country’s highest office is a battle between two ideologies, the Opposition’s presidential nominee Meira Kumar said on Sunday claiming that the “principles and ideologies” on which the country was based were facing danger.

Kumar, who met leaders from Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Haryana, to seek support, said in Srinagar that the Opposition wanted to make the presidential poll an election of principles.

“These are the principles which are close to my heart and to the hearts of most of the people of this country. India is united because we believe in these principles. There are so many religions in the country, so many cultures, ideologies and languages, but despite that, the country is united only because of these principles,” she said.

Kumar claimed that the Presidential Election 2017 was an opportunity to stop a danger that is lurking against the “principles and the ideologies” on which the country was based.

“Since some time now, a danger is lurking on these principles and ideologies and if that is not stopped immediately, then it is possible that the coming days will be lost in the dark,” she claimed.

Kumar said that she had written letters to all the members of the collegium – the MPs and the MLAs – irrespective of their parties asking them to listen to the voice of their conscience and support her.


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