Congress tweets old clips of Modi saying,’GST can never be successful’

Congress launches campaign on social media as govt prepares to launch GST at midnight

Company News : The Congress has decided to keep away from today’s special midnight meeting convened by the government for GST (Goods and Services Tax) launch. The Congress said it would stay away not just because this was an imperfect GST, but also given the atmosphere in the country when joblessness is increasing, farmers are being killed in police firing and Muslims being lynched.

Congress has also tweeted few clips of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter in which Modi is seen saying “GST can never be successful” and implementing it is “impossible” without the requisite infrastructure.

Rahul Gandhi has also posted few tweets opposing govt’s GST move.

“This is what Modi ji & the BJP really think of GST” is what the Congress captioned one clip.

“Modi ji how quickly you forget your own words. Why are you rolling out GST without developing the proper infrastructure,” is the caption to another clip, in which Modi calls the implementation of GST “impossible” without proper IT infrastructure.

Party’s decision came after Congress president Sonia Gandhi met former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh along with other leaders on Thursday. The party has been in a dilemma over attending the midnight event in Parliament and has had discussions with other parties, which are likely to follow suit. After obtaining views of her key aides, Sonia had taken the political decision to boycott the special session.

Sources said that initially, Congress leaders weighed the party’s options, as a group within felt that the GST was the party’s brainchild that has now been taken over by the BJP, and thus favoured attending the meeting. However, some leaders opposing it felt that the GST is being implemented in a haste and all aspects were not taken into consideration lea


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