Who was Khalid Masood, the man identified as the UK Parliament attacker

While Masood had a prior criminal record, his neighbours described him as an average Joe

Police have identified the attacker behind Wednesday’s terrorist attack outside Britain’s Parliament as British-born 52-year-old Khalid Masood. (Read more)

Masood’s attack left five people dead, including himself, and 40 others injured after he mowed down pedestrians on a bridge and stabbed a police officer outside the Parliament complex in London’s Westminster before being shot dead by Scotland Yard officers.

A ‘nice guy’ with a wife and kids

According to The Independent, Masood’s birth name was Adrian Elms. The report said that he converted to Islam while serving a prison sentence.

According to the online newspaper, Masood’s former neighbours described him as a “nice guy” who had a “normal family”. Further, the report said Masood was a bodybuilding enthusiast and is survived by a wife and three young children.

Masood, the report said, was residing in the Winson Green neighbourhood, in the city of Birmingham, with his family.

Speaking to the online paper, Masood’s neighbour Ciaran Molloy said, “He washed his car, mowed his lawn… He was quite friendly, polite in every interaction.” Molloy added, “It’s a shock to know he did what he did. It’s a shock to know he lived across the road.”

According to Molloy, Masood would often be spotted wearing “gym clothes” or “a tracksuit”. Sometimes, Molloy said, Masood would be seen wearing “Muslim dress”.

Molloy also told the paper that Masood had “two girls, about seven or eight, who you’d see wearing school uniform, and a son of about three”.

Known criminal

However, reports and officials statements which emerged after Wednesday’s attack reveal another side to Masood’s life, one where he had a known and long criminal record. (Read more)


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