Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Review: The phablet returns to India

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro: The front camera is good at capturing groups and can be activated by voice

I had sleepless nights pondering the matter; my friends’ conflicting views confused me further. Was there no answer in sight? I was hopelessly perplexed. Let me tell you how things came to such a pass.

My tale began with this basic premise: If you’re looking for a phone in the Indian market, there are two options. One, buy a flagship product from storied brands; and two, pick the device which could blow the socks off a flagship, from one of the newer companies (and it helped that the challenger’s phone would cost a lot lesser than the flagship).

But what was I to make of the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro (Rs 38,900)? At first glance, it seemed like a sleeker successor to Samsung’s Mega phablet range; yet it was packed with 6GB of RAM, six-inch screen and 16-megapixel (MP) front and back cameras — features we’ve come to expect from the upstarts in the mobile market. Yet, the C9 Pro most certainly isn’t an inexpensive phone — the price coming in a shade below Samsung’s flagship models.

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The matte black review unit, while not exactly a lightweight, looked sleek and I daresay like phones from a certain Taiwanese manufacturer, especially from the back. Gone are Samsung’s signature shiny metal highlights; what one gets instead is the power button on the right, with slots for the dual SIMs and a dedicated slot for the expandable memory card. The volume rocker’s on the left, while the home button-cum- fingerprint scanner rounds off the front face. A headphones port, USB Type-C port and speaker grille are at the bottom edge. The back has the Samsung monogram just below the camera, which juts out a bit. (more)


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