6 ways to secure your mobile phone against attackers in 2017

Cyber attacks are a real threat to businesses and individuals alike.

Cyber Attacks are a real threat to businesses and individuals alike. In 2015, CNN reported that nearly 1 million new malware threats are released daily. In 2017, these types of cyberattacks are still a threat. Today, most people spend more time browsing the Internet on their phones than they do on their desktop computers, but many people still fail to secure their mobile devices. Keep your phone safe from hackers and cyberattacks with these six security tips.

Keep Your Software Updated

Software updates can be a pain, but there’s a good reason to ensure your operating system and apps are all up to date. One of the ways hackers get into mobile devices is through holes or bugs in old software programs. Software updates help patch these holes and make it harder for hackers to get in. To keep your phone’s software up-to-date, enable automatic app updates, and be sure to take advantage of any operating system updates your service provider offers.

Install an Antivirus App

It sounds like a no-brainer, but according to CNBC, only 14 percent of people actually install antivirus apps on their phones. There’s no reason your phone shouldn’t be protected. Free apps like Avast Antivirus and Security will scan your apps and URLs for malware and even allow you to PIN protect private apps. You can also scan Wi-Fi to improve security. The pro version offers more features, as will paid versions of other antivirus apps, but if money is the main factor in going without protection, the least you can do is download a free security app and utilize the simple features it offers.

Lock Your Phone

It’s another no-brainer when it comes to mobile phone security, but still half of Android users opt out of using a password, PIN, pattern, or fingerprint to secure their mobile devices. You may not think it matters much. Any attacker is going to get in through malware or other types of wireless attacks, right? Wrong. Read more


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