Want to debate ‘very badly’ with Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said he wants to “debate very badly” with his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton but will first see terms and conditions of the three presidential debates scheduled for September and October.

“I will absolutely do three debates. I want to debate very badly. But I have to see the conditions,” Trump told TheTime magazine.

Debate is considered the most significant part of the US presidential elections, which very often decides the fate of a candidate.

The three presidential debates scheduled this time are September 26 (Hempstead, New York), October 9 (St Louis) and October 19 in Las Vegas.

The one vice-presidential debate is scheduled for October 4 in Farmville, Virginia.

The non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates, which conducts the debate, had last September announced the dates, venue and terms and conditions for the debate. The format of each 90-minute debate has already been set.

Trump said that he had haggled with television networks over the terms of debates held during the GOP primary and might do so again.(more)


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