Clinton’s national lead over Trump touches double digit

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has gained a double digit national lead over her Republican rival Donald Trump who has been going through a rough patch over the past few weeks, according to a latest poll.

“The Clinton-Kaine ticket leads the Trump-Pence ticket by 10 points (49-39 per cent) in the race for the White House,” Fox News said as it released results of its first poll after the conclusion of the back to back conventions last week.

While Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia is the vice presidential running mate of Clinton, Governor Mike Penceis Trump’s running mate.

Clinton’s double digit lead is considered to be significant as it is outside the margin of error.

A month ago, Clinton was up by six points (44-38 per cent, June 26-28), the report said.

According to the poll, however, 61 per cent of the respondents think Clinton is dishonest.

According to the report, Democrat is winning among the “Obama coalition”, the key voting blocs that secured his re-election.(more)


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