Donald Trump ‘unfit’ to serve as US President: Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday declared Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump “unfit” to serve as President and lambasted Republicans for sticking with the businessman-turned-politician.

The strong rebuke came after Trump’s criticism of the family of a slain Muslim US soldier, along with comments that displayed apparent confusion related to the Russian incursion into Ukraine, CNN reported.

“The Republican nominee is unfit to serve as President,” Obama said at a White House news conference with the Prime Minister of Singapore. “He keeps on proving it.”

The Trump campaign responded by going after the Democratic nominee as well as the President.

“Hillary Clinton has proven herself unfit to serve in any government office,” a Trump statement said, listing a number of policy concerns. “Obama-Clinton have single-handedly destabilised the Middle East, handed Iraq, Libya and Syria to ISIS, and allowed our personnel to be slaughtered at Benghazi.”

Obama on Tuesday described his feelings about Trump as unprecedented, recalling disagreements with previous GOP presidential nominees Senator John McCain and Mitt Romney — but never an outright sense they were unfit to serve.(more)


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