Asus ROG G551VW: A must-buy for hardcore gamers

Asus ROG G551VW: A must-buy for hardcore gamers

The running around involved in assembling a gaming rig has dissuaded many from PC gaming. But for a hardcore gamer who wants nothing less than a 60-frames-a-second (fps) rate, a good gaming laptop can do the trick.

Fortunately for me, I got my hands on Asus’ ROG G551VW. Touted as a mean machine, the laptop claims to provide optimum gaming experience. Fitted with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M graphics card coupled with 4GB DDR5 graphics memory, the laptop runs graphic-heavy games with ease. Under the hood, it houses a quad core 6th Gen Intel i7 processor, which reduces the chance of a lag.

The 15.6-inch display and a 4K IPS panel makes it perfect for watching HD videos. I tried it out with my copy of The Great Gatsby and found the colours to be vibrant and sharp.

As it’s a gaming laptop, it was natural for me to play as much as I could. It has a backlit keyboard so nocturnal gamers can rejoice. To begin with, I ran Far Cry Primal. Playing as Takkar in the Stone Age was not only immersing but the graphics card ensured there were no lags. Next, I ran Arkham Origins. The result was equally impressive – the creases on Batman’s cape and distinct raindrops were a proof of how good the graphics card was. Interestingly, the laptop doesn’t heat much, thus removing the need of a cooling pad.Read More.


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