Brexit vote: What the UK media has to say

Infographic: Impact of Brexit outside the EU

Sensex soars 237 points ahead of Brexit poll outcome; European cues lend support

Brexit vote: What the UK media has to say

As United Kingdom votes in the key referendum on whether or not Britain must be a part of the European Union, polls indicate a contest ‘too close to call’.

Meanwhile, UK media seem to have made their positions clear.

The Independent even wrote on how the media in UK was favouring Brexit. The publication quoted a study by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, which analysed 928 articles. From these, 45% were in favour of leaving, while 27% were in favour of staying. Around 19% of the remaining articles were ‘mixed or undecided’, while 9% had no position on the issue.

The Sun had already come out in support of leaving the Union. The Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid, with a front page cover titled ‘BeLEAVE in Britain, it said that the nation ‘must exit to prevent from being engulfed by the German-dominated federal state.’ (more)


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