Redefining flagships

Redefining flagships

The OnePlus 3 looks quite different from its predecessors. Its metal and glass construction looks premium, but reassuringly, some things like the notification slider, remain the same.

OnePlus is known for the kind of customisation it offers and this one’s no different. The OxygenOS, based on Android Marshmallow, is virtually bloat-free. Swiping to the right, one accesses the Shelf, which displays the weather, recent apps and your choice of widget. Also, all settings are highly customisable, such as tapping to unlock the screen. But some apps take their time opening.

The OnePlus 3 has 6GB of RAM on board, so I downloaded Asphalt 8: Airborne and Need For Speed Most Wanted, two resource-hungry games. The phone heated up while downloading apps or games. Downloads done, I fired up the browser with five tabs, logged into WhatsApp and Facebook and started playing. There was absolutely no lag! But the phone started getting very hot. Shutting background apps did help, but it was still warm after a 15-minute session.

The solution, however, was simple: The review unit came with five different back covers. I selected the bamboo one and didn’t feel any heat thereafter.

Click here for more details about OnePlus 3 mobile configuration.


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