5 titles from Reliance Games that will keep you hooked

5 titles from Reliance Games that will keep you hooked

Reliance Games, the mobile gaming division of Reliance Entertainment, has announced that it wants to tap into the gaming start-up market in India, encouraged by a rising smartphone penetration and low data costs. The company headed by Amit Khanduja, will be entering the Indian market after almost three years.

“From 2008-09 to 2016, there have been three big changes — devices, data and content. With devices and data issues sorted, what is left is content and that is where we see an opportunity,” said Khanduja.

Khanduja and his company has so far focussed on the international market, which he claims has worked very well. He says they’ve had 80 million downloads globally for their games, out of which only about 0.5 million come from India. Almost 70% of the downloads are from Western markets, claims Khanduja.

Here are some of the popular titles that the company has worked on:

1. Real Steel World Robot Boxing The game is largely inspired from the popular Hollywood movie ‘Real Steel’, which witnesses battles between robots. The game allows you to fight against the computer or match up with an opponent over the internet.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing gives players access to over 20 robots, all from the movie – to fight with and against, in over ten live events, proving your mettle as you move towards the top.



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