LG G5: Banking on lights, camera and innovation

Let’s get this straight. LG’s latest flagship, the G5 isn’t exactly Project Ara. But it is possibly the world’s first modular flagship phone. I hadn’t received any modules (a release from LG says they would have a camera module, an audio module and a 360° camera module) till the time of going to print, but I was curious about how it performed as a phone.
The metallic G5 is a marked change from its plastic and leather predecessor, the G4. While it feels nice in the hand, I felt its peers have a more premium feel. The G5 sports a unibody design and the phone’s “chin” detaches to reveal a removable battery and take in modules; this part doesn’t feel flush with the rest of the body. Every time you swap a module, the battery would need to be removed and in turn lead to several reboots. Also, the groove running round the edge felt a bit uncomfortable in sweaty hands.
That said, the power button-cum-fingerprint scanner on the back is extremely intuitive. Gently place your finger on it and the phone unlocks. A caveat: Wet fingers won’t work.

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