Hillary Clinton hopes to clinch Democratic nomination

Hillary Clinton hopes to clinch Democratic nomination

Ahead of Tuesday’s key primaries, Hillary Clinton has exuded confidence that she will be able to secure enough delegates to become the Democratic party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

“I believe, on Tuesday, I will have decisively won the popular vote and I will have decisively won the pledged delegate majority,” Clinton told CNN in an interview.

After more than four months long presidential primary process, Clinton has 2,313 delegates and is short of just 60 delegates to reach the magical number of 2,383.

Even if she is defeated by her sole rival Senator Bernie Sanders, who has 1,547 delegates, in some of the key states like California on June 7, Clinton is all set to get 60 delegates to clinch the nomination.

“After Tuesday, I’m going to do everything I can to reach out to try to unify the Democratic Party, and I expect Senator Sanders to do the same. And we will come together and be prepared to go to the convention in a unified way to make our case, to leave the convention, to go into the general election to defeat Donald Trump,” Clinton said.

The Democratic Party’s convention is scheduled in July in Philadelphia where the winner of the primary season would be formally nominated as the presidential candidate for the November general elections.Read More.


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