RJio upbeat on trial run, launches website

RJio upbeat on trial run, launches website

As Reliance Jio gears towards upgrading its ongoing trial run of the fourth-generation technology (4G) network into a commercial operation over the next few months, it says it already has at least half a million users.

In an investor presentation, the company said, it \”launched full scale service for RIL group employees, partners, vendors and associates on December 28 and over 500,000 users are on board\”. The launch is now being expanded to others, it said.

Last month, it began a Reliance Jio employee referral program for its 4G service; each staffer could invite up to 10 friends to sign up. Initial feedback on the trial run was \”very encouraging\”, it said.

In the first month of the trial, average monthly data consumption was 18 GB and average monthly voice usage was a bit over 250 minutes, according to a presentation dated last Thursday.

Jio is also testing its digital applications that are to come bundled with the connection. These include Jio Money, Jio Chat, Jio Drive, Jio Play and Jio News. The company’s website, Jio – Experience Digital Life, also went live on Thursday.

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